Scheduled Maintenance:

  • Performing periodic Maintenance in accordance with the Manufacturers program (Overhaul)
  • implement Modifications of customer request (STCs)

Unscheduled Maintenance:

  • Finding solutions for Repairs 
  • Performing SBs and ADs (Service Bulletin and Airworthiness Directives)
  • AOG technical Support, as Troubleshooting and Rectification


Our Capability List:


Robinson Helicopter:   R22 Series

                                     R44 Series

                                     R66 Series


Airbus:                         AS 350 / H125 Series

                                    EC120 Series

                                    EC130 Series


 A2 Aeroplanes 5700kg and below: Single and Multiengines series, Piston



The Engine Overhaul is provided in collaboration with Mécanair SA

 Avionics repair, installation and modification in collaboration with Avionitec AG